Impact of side hustle on career

A full time job provides expenses to run day to day activities but side hustle has some other benefits over your career. Success through side hustle is not always assured, but you would have gained all the qualities of an entrepreneur which otherwise a normal job or school would not have been able to teachContinue reading “Impact of side hustle on career”


Some lessons that we can learn from sunflower: Every big dream starts with small step: Sunflower starts from small seed, to strong and beautiful plant. Similarly no one has ever achieved success in a single day. Take small steps, make your self stronger, grow in an environment that is nourishing you. You will surely reachContinue reading “Sunflower”

Indian temple in Belgium

Radhadesh is the most familiar place to every Indian in Belgium. In the hilly regions of Ardennes you can find this beautiful temple. It is an old castle that has been transformed into a temple. The castle was built around 11th  century and was bought by ISKON in the year 1979. The main mission ofContinue reading “Indian temple in Belgium”

Types of travellers – What kind of traveller are you?

Travelling to the same destination with different purpose creates the types of travellers. Some travel to self discover, others to discover the culture. Which type of traveller are you? Nature traveller: These are the travellers who are filled with gratitude and feel a sense of satisfaction amid nature. Nature walks triggers their deepest philosophies andContinue reading “Types of travellers – What kind of traveller are you?”

Is it important to be popular?

It’s a normal human tendency of wanting to be popular. How and why? Is the question you need to ask yourself. Everyone wants to be popular, it could start at the age of 15 and the craving could continue past 60. Popularity should not be misunderstood with likability. Its important to understand the types ofContinue reading “Is it important to be popular?”

Healthy grocery shopping tips

Healthy lifestyle begins with smart choices that you make at grocery stores. As per the proverbial saying ‘You are what you eat’, your ideology of a perfect mind and body begins with food that you consume. Eating healthy meal is a decision, and it plays an important value in health. Grocery shopping is also anContinue reading “Healthy grocery shopping tips”

Weekly meal planner

Weekly meal planner is the first step towards healthy cooking. Helps you know what exactly you want from supermarket and avoids buying unnecessary items. It saves money and time! Here is an attempt to make cooking easier for your family by creating some simple meal planner, in pdf format. You can download and print freeContinue reading “Weekly meal planner”