Some lessons that we can learn from sunflower:

Every big dream starts with small step: Sunflower starts from small seed, to strong and beautiful plant. Similarly no one has ever achieved success in a single day. Take small steps, make your self stronger, grow in an environment that is nourishing you. You will surely reach your goals!

Face the sun: As the sunflower always turns towards sunshine, look ahead only to positive things in life.

Spread happiness and positive vibes: Each sunflower head contains nearly 2000 seeds. Just like the sunflower spreading its beauty, try to spread happiness all around you.

Finally big dreams come from small seeds. Don’t give up!

For Cee’s photo of the day challenge.

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Namitha is an Indian expat living in Belgium. She is a biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instrutor in Belgium. She also enjoys writing fiction short stories, poems and other guest blogs. Strongly feels writing is a best way to express your thoughts.

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