Varamahalakshmi vratha

Varamahalakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Pooja of Varamahalakshmi (Vara Mahalakshmi Vratha) is celebrated by Hindu’s in South India, on Friday, in the month of Sravana. Goddess Lakshmi has 8  different forms and performing this particular vratha is said to impress all her forms, hence, good health will be bestowed to the family. Pooja is performed by married women, who for the well being of their family good heath and prosperity, perform fasting. It is believed that Goddess Parvathi performed fasting for Lord shiva on this particular day, for the happiness and prosperity of her family.

Legend behind Pooja:
There lived a woman named ‘charumathi’, who was very devoted to her family. Goddess Mahalakshmi was impressed by her devotion to her family and appeared in her dream and asked to worship the goddess of wealth, by performing ‘Vara Mahalakshmi vratha’. By doing so, all her wishes would be fulfilled. Charumathi informed to her family about the dream and was willing to perform pooja, as per the message given to her by Goddess. Other women from the village also joined her in performing the Pooja and reciting sacred chants. Since then her family was blessed with good health and wealth.

On this occasion, women decorate the floor with rangoli and place a sacred Kalasha (copper/silver) on the Rangoli. The Kalasha is filled with rice, a coconut and Lakshmi is invoked. Goddess is worshiped in the form of a Kalasha decorated with saree, flowers and jewellery. Variety of sweets and fruits are offered to the goddess and secret chants are recited by the women. A sacred thread is also worshiped and then tied to the right hand of the women, which represents devotion and assurance of protection.


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  1. The part which you mentioned I did not know and I know that married women do this for 11 Friday’s. They fast all day and then eat one meal with the whole family. On the final 11th Friday they call their married friends for Prasadam and gave them the Vara Mahalakshmi Vratha Katha book. I know this because my wife did this one year as one of her friends told her!
    May Vara Mahalakshmi blessing be with all who celebrates and believe!

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful narration and the lovely photo.I was searching for the topic About Varamahalakshmi festival and fortunate to go through your article.Unfortunately,the tradition of rituals in Hindu festivals taking a back seat due to lack of parenteral guidance to their children.Over the time kids may even forget these great Pooja days.Many festivals are celebrated for the namesake without any proper guidance and most of the kid don’t even know the significance and purpose of Hindu Festivals.God bless you.

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