A current affairs buff

I learnt in my childhood that I have to read newspaper early in the morning. I need to have knowledge of current affairs. When I asked my friends why do you read a newspaper, I got a reply that we need topics to talk to other people, we could also be left out in a discussion or could just show off that I am a current affairs buff.

People usually start being judgmental if you do not have enough knowledge on current affairs. But today ‘sorry society’ I am no longer interested in reading the newspaper in the morning. All I read in a paper is women getting raped, accidents and murder.  The headlines I can ignore, but what about the pictures posted below the headline. After reading all the negative topics, my entire day is filled with negativity. I also think reading negative columns increases anxiety, which is a very unpleasant feeling.

Published by Namitha

Namitha is an Indian expat living in Belgium. She is a biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instrutor in Belgium. She also enjoys writing fiction short stories, poems and other guest blogs. Strongly feels writing is a best way to express your thoughts.

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