My husband’s girlfriend, a short story

‘I saw you with her, don’t lie to me, how can you bring her home?’ cried Ritu. ‘Look dear! I don’t have an affair and I did not get anyone home, you just need a reason to shout at me’ said her husband, Rahul. Ritu and Rahul were married for 6 years now.  Ritu was so sure that Rahul came with his new young girlfriend, but Rahul was not ready to listen. The descend in relationship had just begun.

‘Mom, he gets a girl home in my presence, please believe me’ Ritu cried. ‘He is a very social man, you are misunderstanding him’ convinced her Mom. Days passed and Ritu was falling sick thinking about her husband’s relationship. She visits the doctor, and her reports will be sent to house tomorrow. That night she waited to talk to her husband about the visit to doctor.

Door knocks and she finds her husband’s girlfriend outside. ‘How dare you come to my house, you have stolen my husband from me’ shouted Ritu. The girl locks the door from inside and attempts to hurt Ritu. Ritu runs to balcony with all her energy. ‘Help!’ she cries from 6th floor and feels a push from back. ‘My husband’s girlfriend..’ murmured Ritu and all she sees is, people surrounding her. Rahul gets a call from hospital, ‘its very unlikely that Ritu will survive’ the doctor whispered.

The next day comes her report, ‘patient suffering from schizophrenia and hallucination’.

Daily word prompt: Descend

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Namitha is an Indian expat living in Belgium. She is a biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instrutor in Belgium. She also enjoys writing fiction short stories, poems and other guest blogs. Strongly feels writing is a best way to express your thoughts.

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