Precipice- Anxiety, a short story

Daily prompt- Precipice

Seema and her family are going on a short vacation to Grand Canyon. Her husband is packing lunch for the trip. She is dressing up her 4 year old child and has to feed her newborn. She is done with packing and looking forward to a wonderful vacation. A most awaited short trip.

On the way to canyon, car breaks fail, moves towards the precipice. ‘Oh lord come for help’ prayed her heart. ‘I want to see my children grow’ cried her heart. She holds her husband’s hand and kisses. The car neither falls off the precipice nor is it safe, waiting for a decision to be made.

‘Ding dong’ rings the bell and she is back in present, sweating, crying and scared. She opens the door and smiles at her husband.

Published by Namitha

Namitha is an Indian expat living in Belgium. She is a biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instrutor in Belgium. She also enjoys writing fiction short stories, poems and other guest blogs. Strongly feels writing is a best way to express your thoughts.

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