Geierlay, The hanging bridge

Had a wonderful experience walking over the longest hanging rope bridge of Germany. The bridge measures 360 m long and 100 m above the ground. The bridge connects to the hiking trial. So people interested in hiking can continue from the end of bridge.

We searched on google for Geierlay location, and found Morsdors 56290, Germany. Geierlay could only be reached by walk or bikes from this location. No cars were allowed. We Parked our car near the tourist information center, which was a paid parking site. There was also restaurant and toilets in the same place. The bridge was 1.8 km from the information center and could easily follow the road sign to reach the place. We have a child of 6 months old, so we also carried a stroller and baby carrier along with us.

The field that leads to the bridge was very quite and beautiful. Had some coffee on the way, which we bought at the restaurant. The place was filled with tourists and also the hikers. We could park the stroller in the beginning of bridge, we could see lots of strollers parked there. Bridge had a narrow width so it was not possible to take the strller over the bridge. Then we held our baby in the carrier and walked over the bridge. The view was beautiful from the top.


The location is very beautiful and a must visit place.

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